Silis Online Operating System

23 December 2003

Website construction started... hoped to be completed soon :)

Only the Home and What We Need pages are up and running


Welcome to the home page of the Silis Online Operating System Project. As of December 22nd, this project is under new management and is under a new schedule.

The new schedule allows for the next 6 months to be planning phase where people can come and brainstorm. After about 6 months, the kernel design will begin and will be continued untill it is capable of running the rest of the OS.

By the beginning of 2005, this project should be well underway with programming the applications, functions and other specifics for the OS.

This project is going to need alot of help, so if you are interested in helping out or you want more info, please feel free to email me at Logo
Last Update: 23 December 2003